Mission 2030 of ICAI

a) Global Professionals: ICAI will develop skilled professionals with competencies to serviceclients not only within India but across the globe that requires technical skills as also cross cultural appreciation and understanding of global needs. As one of the largest producers of CAs in the world, we will make sure our members can take the rightful place in the global talent pool.


b) Independent and Transparent Regulatory Mechanism: ICAI will further strengthen and visibly demonstrate its regulatory role through proactive, visible, timely and unbiased action. We will create public awareness and sensitize all stakeholders to the effectiveness of the quasi-judicial role of ICAI and ensure inclusion of wider section of users of member services in carrying out our role as regulator.


c) Highest ethical standards: ICAI will continue to inculcate highest ethical standards amongst its members to assist them in upholding the values that the accounting profession stands for. We will continue to include and emphasize ethical values as part of the education and training of students and members.


d) Cutting-edge research and development: ICAI will become the hub of valued Thought leadership and innovation in the field of accounting, assurance, taxation, finance and business. ICAI will devote resources and create an enabling environment to become the predominant contributor to setting standards across the world in these fields. We will support, fund and take up research on issues that impact has locally and globally.


e) Multi-national Service Providers: ICAI will facilitate the Indian professional services firms and professionals to establish as multi- national service providers and help them in harnessing global opportunities on one hand and assist them in building capabilities on the other.




SICASA Activities

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